KCE is a project of SABA

South Asia Buddhist Association (SABA) is a charitable trust founded by Thaye Dorje, His Holiness the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa. Under Karmapa’s personal guidance, SABA develops and organises his activities and projects in India.

The Karmapa Center of Education is a school in harmony with Karmapa’s vision for education and literacy. As such, it is a key project of SABA. In order to achieve the vision of Karmapa, an international project team works together tirelessly.

Help us to complete KCE

Thanks to the support KCE has received, the first phase of the school’s construction has been completed.

The financing and realisation of the next two construction phases will once again depend on the support of generous friends and students, who share Karmapa’s pioneering vision for education.

Support a student

The children and adolescents who will study at the Education Center in Kalimpong, come primarily from poor families in the Himalayan region. For this reason the school will not charge fees. All students will receive free accommodation, food, medical supplies, books and further school necessities.

For the monthly maintenance costs of the center, we also request your support. A sponsorship of just 40 Euros per month covers the costs of a student attending KCE.

Material Donations

For setting-up our English language library for children from age 6, we need books, books, books. Of course, they can be second-hand books. Atlases, non-fiction books, books on animals, geography, story books, fairy tales and children's films - everything is very welcome.

If you have more imaginative ways to support the construction and maintenance of the school, please contact us. We appreciate creative generosity and welcome your input.

Books and material donations can be handed directly to Kalimpong if you're visiting, and then you can stay at the Center as guest. We will also set up collection-points in different countries. However, getting material donations to India is not easy and generates costs, so we would be happy if you can help with shipping or co-ordinating transport for material items.

Thank you for your invaluable contribution!


Every form of support, whether a one-time donation or an ongoing pledge is welcome! Even a small monthly amount of 5 USD/Euro can help guarantee the financial stability of the project and is therefore an invaluable contribution.

However you choose to support the project, please send us your postal and email address, so that we can send you a donation receipt and provide you with regular project updates.

  • Single donation toward building the school
  • Monthly sponsorship of the project

How to give

Within Asia

Donations can be sent directly to India.

If you prefer to transfer your contribution to an NGO authorised by SABA in your country, please contact us. We will reply as soon as possible and help you make your transaction.

Kindly send an email to saba@17karmapas.org

Within Europe

The 'Karmapa Indo-Tibetology School e.V.' is a registered non-profit German Association. It was founded in order to administer donations for the construction phase and for ongoing maintenance costs. The association collaborates directly with SABA and collects and forwards funds to KCE.

An extract from H.H. Karmapa's official letter:

"I hereby authorize the German charitable organization 'Karmapa Indo-Tibetology School e.V.' to preside over, organize and raise funds for this new Education Center, which was specifically established to accomplish this aspiration."

⇒ Read letter in full length.

Tax Deductibility

All donations to Karmapa Indo-Tibetology School Association are fully tax deductible for German taxpayers. The tax deductibility of donations differs in each country. Please check with your accountant, tax lawyer, or tax office, or speak with the association to find out whether your donation can be deductible.

Legal and Fiscal Notes

Karmapa Indo-Tibetology School Association is incorporated in Germany as a tax-exempt non-profit organization. It is governed by the rules and regulations pertaining to non-profit organizations in Germany.

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Banking Details

Karmapa Indo-Tibetology School e. V.
Bank: Sparkasse Karlsruhe
Account No: 108 1157 91
IBAN: DE86 6605 0101 0108 1157 91

Branch: Ortstrasse, 76228 Karlsruhe, Germany