The Master Plan

The property of KCE extends across four hectares and offers panoramic views of the Himalayas.

The master plan provides facilities for 150 students, a large monastic Sangha, and guest teachers from all over the world.

Facilities for the first construction phase

In October 2013,
the development of the land began by building the infrastructure, including the construction of an access road to the site, the installation of the water and electricity supply as well as the sewage system. The first three buildings (A, B, C) have been constructed subsequently.

Each of the three houses has approximately 350 square meters of space, spread over three floors. For the scheduled opening of the school, the designation of the rooms is designed to provide enough space for the accommodation of the school administration, teacher, volunteers and students of the first school year. During this phase of the building work rooms will also be assigned as classrooms, library, office, kitchen and common room. With the completion of the first three buildings, the school will open in September 2017.

The next stages of construction include:
• a two-storey administration building (D)
housing a large kitchen and dining hall
• a rectangular-shaped building (E, F, G),
with a temple (H) surrounding a large central courtyard

Architectural concept for the second construction phase

Following the example of a classical monastery, the temple building is linked with the two-storey right and left wings, and thereby allows a circuit around the inner courtyard. The rooftop of the one-storey building (E) forms a large terrace and provides enough space for outdoor events.
The architectural design of this building complex offers a harmonious blend of Southeast Asian and Japanese styles of building.