Karmapa Center of Education (KCE), a Buddhist model school founded by Thaye Dorje, H.H. the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa

Opening Ceremony with Lama Choying Rinpoche

October 1, 2019


Opening Celebration of KCE’s new Administration Building

After a two-year construction period, the new administration building was inaugurated with the joint participation of the monastic sangha and lay community, together with the students of KCE.

The Ven. Lama Choying Rimpoche attended the opening ceremony as the Guest of Honour. As a symbolic beginning, Rinpoche cut through the Red Ribbon and led the puja ceremony in the temple hall. Thereafter, he performed the blessings of the new premises (in Tibetan: Rabne).

Lama Choying Rinpoche was born 1935 in Kham, Eastern Tibet. He underwent his traditional training (extensive studies and meditation retreats) in Tsurphu monastery. In 1959, together with HH the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa, he left Tibet and continued under the guidance of the Karmapa his meditation retreats in India. Today, Rinpoche is one of the most senior and highly esteemed meditation teachers.


The architectural features of the 2-storey building combine in its design traditional Tibetan/Sikkimese and modern elements.


The overall concept of the Karmapa Center of Education, will accommodate facilities for 200 people. The administration building houses the large kitchen, two dining halls, a semi open-air terrace as additional dining area and an inviting place for meetings. The upper floor further houses all administrative facilities as well as a medical room.

Until the opening of the large temple in 3-5 years, one of the dining halls will be temporarily used as temple and puja hall.